Manufacturing Process




  • The TMT Bars are created in our own plant’s manufactured Ingots and are well tested for quality.

  • short TMT & CTD Bars are ISI complaint and are well tested against the ISI Quality Standards.

  • Rolling Mills TMT Bars are Manufactured with advanced Thermo mechanical treatment technology which keeps alls the Bars identical.

  • Rolling Mills plant is a Natural Gas based plant which keeps the environment pollution free and  helps in manufacturing TMT Bars at an idle temperature which increased the quality of the TMT Bars.

  • TMT Bars are strong & flexible, they can be twisted and turned easily, which aids in strong construction & ensures very less damage.

  • TMT Bars have very strong corrosion resistance which ensures long life of  Houses, Shops, Roads, Factories, Dams, Buildings etc.

  • Since TMT Bars are manufactured via advanced German technology and they can grip cement easily assuring strong Construction of Building.

  • TMT Bars are flexible according to Indian Standards and have strong earthquake resistance.